Memorial Museum-estate
of academician I. P. Pavlov

The House of Science

The second estateís house , which the scientistís father Piotr Dmitrievich Pavlov built in 1888 had been lapsed to museum in 1968. There was the solemn opening of the scientific exposition to the 125 anniversary from I.P. Pavlovís birthday in 1974, telling about I.P. Pavlovís discoveries in physiology of blood circulation, digestion and the highest nervous activity. From that moment the new house, which became the part of museum complex, received the name ďThe House of ScienceĒ.

There was grand opening of renewed scientific exposition in the House of Science in June 12, 2010. Six halls of the museum not only give easily understood by visitors a notion of Pavlovís discoveries as a physiologist, but also make an idea of the scientist as a citizen of the world.
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